Meraki Frix

Investigative Journalist
Driven by a relentless pursuit to tell the stories that matter, Frix uncovers the secrets of the cosmos and sheds light on important issues affecting different civilizations throughout the multiverse. For Frix, knowledge is power and he takes the responsibility to share this knowledge with the rest of the universe. Frix has been praised for his fearless approach to journalism and his commitment to uncovering the truth. Through his reporting, he hopes to inspire others to take an active role in shaping the future of the universe and promoting peace, understanding, and unity among all species. Frix holds a B.A. in investigative journalism and an M.A. in Multiverse Ethnography, both from the Zeblon Galactiversity of Xexor. Fris has four galactic centuries working in the field, and has won numerous awards, such as The Interdimensional Reporting Prize, The Multiverse News Correspondent Award, and The Cross-Dimensional Journalism Medal.