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Illegal Galactic Pokémon Replication Operation Busted by Galactic Police Force

A shocking discovery conducted by the Galactic Police Force has sent the Pokémon community reeling.
Illegal Galactic Pokémon Replication Operation Busted by Galactic Police Force

A shocking discovery was made last night as the Galactic Police Force conducted a sting operation on an illegal operation that involved the replication of Pokémon creatures in real life. The operation, which involved capturing and selling cute alien species, had been running underground battles to the death with the creatures.

Two cute pokemon stand in the middle of a cage match. It is grungy with low lighting. It looks like a basement.
Two Pokémon, battle to the death.

According to the police chief who organized the sting operation, the illegal operation had been capturing the creatures by traveling to various planets across the galaxy and using custom designed Pokéballs that were based on space-time compression pocket universe technology. The creatures were then sold on the black market for a high price to those looking for exotic and powerful pets.

Grungy cyberpunk looking Pokéballs, sitting on a wooden table in a lowlight workshop.
Confiscated Pokéballs that were found during the raid.

The sting operation was a result of along-running investigation into the illegal activity, which was causing harm to the captured creatures and disrupting the balance of the galaxy's ecosystem. After gathering sufficient evidence, the Alien Police Force executed a coordinated raid on the operation, freeing the captive creatures and arresting those involved.

A seized replication module has been taken in for evidence.

This sting operation has been in planning for many months

The ring leader of the operation has been taken into custody and is facing multiple charges, including illegal capturing of creatures and organizing illegal battles. In response to the arrest, the ring leader's lawyer released a statement, saying that they we're "disappointed with the outcome," and that they would be "vigorously defending their client."

“This illegal operation was a threat to safety and well-being of the creatures and the galaxy as a whole," said the police chief in a statement. "We will not tolerate such crimes and will work to bring those responsible to justice."

The sting operation has received widespread support from across the galaxy, with many expressing their relief that the illegal activity has been brought to an end. The freed creatures are being cared for by the Galactic Health Organization and will be relocated to their natural habitats.

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