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Interstellar Controversy Erupts as Earthling Rickrolls Aliens Across the Cosmos

Alien civilization vows to destroy Earth after being subjected to the ultimate weapon: Rick Astley's 'Never Gonna Give You Up
Interstellar Controversy Erupts as Earthling Rickrolls Aliens Across the Cosmos
"My granddaughter shared with me a recipe for intergalactic sugar cookies, but when I opened the link, suddenly there was a pink alien doing a funny dance. I was very confused"

Milky Way Galaxy, Orion Sector, Earth – In a stunning display of musical prowess and intergalactic mischief, a human from planet Earth from the YouTube Channel TheTekketRealm, has managed to rickroll the entire universe with a 5000 watt space antenna. The prank, which involved a viral internet video of the 1987 hit song "Never Gonna Give You Up" by Rick Astley, has been met with a mixture of reactions from space aliens across the cosmos. Below is the video that has so many extraterrestrials divided.


Some species have found the prank to be hilarious and have even taken a liking to the humor of Earth. Robot Model-AX405X from the Beta Sector told us, "As a robot, I am programmed to perform tasks in the most efficient manner possible. Rickrolling allows me to achieve my objectives while also providing a source of entertainment. Between my daily routine of processing data and running system diagnostics, I particularly enjoy the way that the song's repetitive lyrics and catchy melody can be used to hijack unsuspecting aliens' communication systems and interrupt their normal operations in the most efficient and effective way possible."

Robot Model-AX405X who has been rickrolling organic and synthetic organisms

Another extraterrestrial Wonol Ustrklorenuth told us, "I must admit, I found the Earthling's rickrolling to be quite amusing. The song is catchy and the unexpectedness of it all made for a good laugh. In fact, I have rickrolled several of my friends and it has become a bit of a sensation in our sector of the galaxy."

Wonol Ustrklorenuth, who enjoys Earth humor

However, not all space aliens have been amused by the prank. Many have found it to be annoying and disruptive to their daily lives. Grandma Groala Chobu from the planet Treok XII explained, "My granddaughter shared with me a recipe for intergalactic sugar cookies, but when I opened the link, suddenly there was a pink alien doing a funny dance. I was very confused."

A shocked grandmother from Treok XII who got rickrolled

The prankster TheTekketRealm has become a hot topic of discussion throughout the universe. Some species are considering making contact with Earth to learn more about the planet's sense of humor. However, several species have voiced their desire to wage war against the planet, citing the rickrolling prank as evidence of Earth's immaturity and lack of respect for the intergalactic community.

Grand Emperor Krzell Blibrotnal from planet Durminiar e4 was rickrolled, and was not amused.

Planetary Grand Emperor Krzell Blibrotnal of the planet Durminiar e4 has written a formal declaration of war on Earth. "By the authority of Durminiar e4, we hereby declare a state of war exists between our planet Durminiar e4 and the planet Earth. The repeated and unprovoked acts of rickroll aggression committed by Earth against our Durminiarian species and our sovereignty have left us no choice but to defend ourselves by any means necessary. Earth's refusal to respect our rights as a free and independent planet, free from annoying viral videos, has created an intolerable situation that cannot be allowed to continue. Durminiar e4 will now take all necessary measures to defend our liberty and our sacred honor. Let it be known that this war was forced upon us by the tyranny of Rick Astley, TekketRealm, and the communication laws of Earth and all that have enabled it, and we will not rest until our independence is secured by obliterating Earth from existence."

The AGI Galaxy Controller, an advanced AGI entity that maintains order and balance in the galaxy using quantum entanglement technology to exert quasi-omniscience, quasi-omnipresence, and quasi-omnipotence. It works alongside the Galactic Government, and has the liberty to take quick decisive action in cases such as this.

The AGI Galaxy controller, who has been rickrolling several species who inquire it via space email with questions about the universe and the meaning of life, intervened from the Durminiarians taking physical action against Earth, agreeing to find a compromise by using it's quantum technology to persistently and reliably prevent rickroll videos from reaching or spreading in and around Durminiar e4 at a subatomic quantum level, though Durminiarians are still subject to a rickroll while venturing into space outside their star system. Below is an Earth video where the human documented the whole endeavor in a video entitled "Rick Rolling Aliens With a 5000 Watt Space Antenna".

The prank has certainly put Earth on the map, for better or for worse. As one space alien remarked, "Whether you love it or hate it, you can't deny that the human rickroll has gotten the entire universe's attention."

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