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Magic School Bus Found Inside Local Resident

A local resident who was feeling unwell, visited the doctor and made a startling revelation...
Magic School Bus Found Inside Local Resident

Reporting from planet Orbona Prime, we have a breaking story that has taken the entire universe by surprise. A local alien Quazax Terra Fargle, who was feeling unwell, visited the doctor and made a startling revelation. The medical examination revealed that a Magic School Bus was inside Terra Fargle, and it was extracted and expanded to its full size.

On board the Magic School Bus, a whole class of children was found, along with their teacher, Miss Frizzle. Miss Frizzle, a well-known figure in the education system of planet Earth, was gracious enough to speak with us. She had this to say:

“Well, it's a long story, but the short version is that the Magic School Bus is equipped with advanced technology that allows it to travel through space and time..."

"...During one of our expeditions, we accidentally landed inside an unknown entity. It has been a journey full of unexpected adventures and lessons. The students have learned a lot about the wonders of the universe and have developed a strong bond. As for me, I am grateful for this opportunity to share my love for science and magic with the next generation.”

Yellow school bus. Outside. City Street. Covered in purple alien goop.
Planet Orbona Prime. The vehicle was extracted outside of the medical office.

This situation has brought to light a very important issue in the universe, and it raises questions about the responsibility of intergalactic travelers. On one hand, Miss Frizzle and the students of the Magic School Bus have had an incredible opportunity to explore the universe and gain new knowledge on the anatomy of an extraterrestrial creature. On the other hand, the Magic School Bus had no prior permission to enter Terra Fargle’s body.

"People are talking, and it's not a good thing."
Green alien sits in hospital bed with news paper. Shocked look on his face. Onlookers surround.
Quazax Terra Fargle sits in a busy hospital room. Reporters and onlookers surround.

“My health has been greatly affected." Terra Fargle went on to say. "I have been experiencing discomfort and pain since the extraction of the Magic School Bus. And to make matters worse, my reputation in the community has been tarnished. I lost my job. No workers comp. Insurance doesn't know how to handle this shit. People are talking, and it's not a good thing. I am not an ‘unknown entity’ as Miss Frizzle refers to me, I have a wife and kids. I pay my taxes. I’m filing a lawsuit against Miss Frizzle and all the children on the Magic School Bus. Arnold, Keesha, Carlos… Phoebe, all of them. They are responsible for what happened to me, and I believe that I deserve full compensation for the physical and emotional trauma that I have suffered.”

When confronted with this news of a lawsuit Miss Frizzle seemed shocked.

“I was not aware of this information… I can’t believe this… I... I am deeply sorry if we have caused any harm or inconvenience to the unknown entity. Our intention was never to cause harm, and we believed that we were acting within the bounds of responsible intergalactic travel.” 
Little grey and blue aliens surround yellow school bus inside of nondiscipt warehouse.
The "Magic School Bus". Now housed inside a nondisclosed warehouse on Orbona Prime.

As the lawsuit progresses, it is certain that the outcome will have far-reaching consequences and set a precedent for future intergalactic travel. The extraction of the Magic School Bus from Terra Fargle has sparked a heated legal debate, with both sides presenting compelling arguments. While Miss Frizzle and the students argue that their actions were taken in the spirit of exploration and discovery, Terra Fargle claims that they did not have permission and that their actions caused physical and emotional harm.

As this story continues to develop, it is clear that this case will have far-reaching implications for intergalactic travel and the responsibilities of travelers to their hosts. Stay tuned for updates on this complex and controversial case, as both sides work towards a resolution that is fair to all parties involved.

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