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Mysterious White Monolith Causes Devolution of Species Across the Galaxy

The white monolith on the alien planet causing devolution of species has led to a surge in tourists eager to experience the thrill of turning into amoebas, proving once again how far one will go for a unique Instagram photo
Mysterious White Monolith Causes Devolution of Species Across the Galaxy
"Jelly wibble glop wop blop."

A mysterious white monolith has been making headlines across the galaxy after reports of its sudden appearances on various planets. The monolith has been causing concern as it has been linked to the sudden devolution of the species on the planets it visits.

Devolved Tlosian. Tlosians had eyes looking two directions, having evolved high situational awareness, but now we're not so sure.

Reports from three planets have shown that the monolith appears to have a profound and negative effect on the local species. Our first witness, a purple, tentacled alien from the planet of Tlos XII, had this to say: "Bleeblee glop blee blop glee." Despite the alien's incoherent statements, it was evident from its distressed state that the monolith has had a profound impact on their planet.

Despite their devolution into a formless blob, the Poolanians have now achieved a level of unity and cooperation never before seen in their advanced civilization

The second witness, a gelatinous being from the planet of Poolania Paanbula, was equally confused in its statements: "Jelly wibble glop wop blop." Despite its muddled words, it was clear that the monolith has had a disruptive effect on the species on their planet.

Amvasians has devolved into... whatever this is, which is clearly a testament to the effectiveness of their space program's budget cuts and questionable priorities.

Finally, an Amvasian from the planet of Amvas Coldlon II had this to say: "Hssssssssss" Once again, while the words themselves made little sense, the fear and concern in the creature's voice spoke volumes about the monolith's impact on their world.

The cause of the devolution remains a mystery, and efforts are underway to learn more about this mysterious white monolith which has now gone missing, and the harm it is causing to species across the galaxy. Officials are warning planets to be cautious and to report any sightings of the monolith immediately.

As the situation continues to unfold, it is important that we work together to understand and mitigate the potential threat posed by this mysterious white monolith. The well-being and survival of species across the galaxy may depend on it.

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