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Non-Compete Agreement Forces Alien to Relocate to New Galaxy

An extraterrestrial was forced to move galaxies due to signing a non-compete agreement with his previous employer.
Non-Compete Agreement Forces Alien to Relocate to New Galaxy

Daxion Balthris, a highly skilled technician from the planet Xylaris IV, had signed a non-compete agreement with his previous employer, Intergalactic Innovations Inc., which restricted him from working in the same field for 20 galaxy years. Balthris had been employed with Intergalactic Innovations Inc. for over a decade and had gained extensive experience in interstellar travel technology for spacecrafts. However, due to undisclosed internal conflict, Balthris decided to resign from the company and seek employment elsewhere.

A pink sky wraps around a large white futuristic building with cars parked on the street outside.
PlanetXylaris IV. Intergalactic Innovations Inc.

But his plans were put on hold when attorneys from Intergalactic Innovations Inc. informed him of the non-compete clause in his contract, which stated that he could not work in the same field for the next 20 years in the same galaxy. The clause effectively put a stop to the Balthris’ plans to move jobs.

Balthris had accepted a job offer from another tech giant, Xylar Tech, but Intergalactic Innovations Inc. argued that Xylar Tech is a direct competitor and therefore, the non-compete agreement prevents Balthris from working for them.

"I was shocked when I found out that they are enforcing the non-compete clause. I was going to be working on completely different technology than I developed at Intergalactic Innovations. I have dedicated my life to Intergalactic Innovations Inc. and this is the way they are treating me," said Balthris in an interview.
A small yellow alien sits on a yellow couch in an 80s style living room.
Daxion Balthris sits in his new home in an undisclosed galaxy.

Intergalactic Innovations Inc., on the other hand, stated that the non-compete clause was a standard part of their contracts and was included to protect their interests and intellectual property.

"We understand that Balthris may be frustrated with the clause, but it is a standard part of our contracts and is included to protect our interests and intellectual property. Even though he is working on different technological endeavors, Xylar Tech is still our direct competitor.  We wish Balthris the best of luck in his future endeavors," said a spokesperson from Intergalactic Innovations Inc.
A group of alien lawyers sit at a long brown table looking at the camera.
Intergalactic Innovations legal team.

Due to the clause, Balthris was forced to move to a new undisclosed galaxy, where he has started his own business, Balthris Interstellar Solutions.

"I may have had to leave my home galaxy, but I have been able to start fresh and build something of my own. I’m super excited about the future. The experience has been both challenging and rewarding, and in the end, I wouldn't have it any other way," said Balthris.

The news of Balthris’ story has become a topic of discussion in the intergalactic community, with many individuals from across the galaxy interested in where he currently is residing and what is next for him. Balthris is keeping out of the public eye for the time being and appears to be quietly working on his next endeavor. This story is still developing and more information will be provided as it becomes available.

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