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Round Vokvok Society Claims Planet Vokvok III is Not Flat

Flat planet held up by space turtle under fire by planetary conspiracy theorists claiming the planet is round
Round Vokvok Society Claims Planet Vokvok III is Not Flat
"The planet is flat, we have been in space and seen it for ourselves"

Vokvok III, a distant planet known for it being a flat planet held up by a gigantic space turtle, but yet to reach the space era beyond their atmosphere, has recently been the subject of a new society's claims on their world, that the world is not flat, after all. The "Round Vokvok Society," led by Jiji Mimi, has sparked controversy with its claims that Vokvok III is actually a round planet.

In an exclusive interview with Jiji Mimi, she stated several reasons for her beliefs. "Our team of scientists and researchers have been studying Vokvok III for years and have come to the conclusion that the planet is round. We have seen evidence of curvature in the horizon, and the way objects disappear over the horizon is consistent with a round planet," said Jiji.

However, leading astronomy scientist Dr. Ali Khatib debunks Jiji's claims. "There is no credible evidence to support the claims of the Round Vokvok Society. The planet is flat, we have been in space and seen it for ourselves, with many highly detailed images. Our planet is held up by a space turtle, of which we have visited" said Dr. Khatib. "The horizon and disappearance of objects can also be explained by atmospheric refraction and the limitations of observation equipment, respectively. The overwhelming scientific evidence still supports the fact that Vokvok III is flat."

A photo captured from space of Vokvok III, a flat planet being carried by a giant space turtle.

Jiji Mimi, the leader of the controversial "Round Vokvok Society," has made a new statement that has sparked disbelief and outrage among the scientific community. In a recent interview, Jiji claimed that all space missions and the existence of space turtles are part of a grand conspiracy and have been faked.

"Our team has been investigating and studying space missions for years, and we have come to the conclusion that they are all staged and faked. The evidence just doesn't add up," said Jiji. She cited inconsistencies in images and videos released by space agencies, lack of concrete physical evidence, and alleged financial motives behind space exploration as reasons for her beliefs.

Jiji also claimed that the much-loved space turtle affectionately named "Nebulurtle", which has become symbols of hope and inspiration for many, are part of the same hoax. "The space turtle does not exist. It is simply computer generated props created to further support the illusion of space exploration, which is impossible," she said.

Her statements have been met with widespread disbelief and criticism from the scientific community and space organizations. Dr. Ali Khatib dismissed Jiji's claims as baseless and lacking credible evidence. "The scientific evidence and numerous testimonies from astronauts support the reality of space missions and the existence of a space turtle," said Dr. Khatib.

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