Universe Government Refuses Release of Controversial Shape Shifting Technology

The Universe Government continues to maintain strict regulatory use of Shape Shifting Technology to maintain order in our universe.
Universe Government Refuses Release of Controversial Shape Shifting Technology

The Universe Government continues to refuse the release of remote body shape shifting technology to the general public, citing concerns over its potential dangers and the lack of ethical considerations among most species. This decision has sparked debate among citizens and advocacy groups.

In a recent statement, a high-ranked science official in the The Universe Government Science Commission on Ethics, Dr. Caclinn Malambo, explained the reasoning behind the government's decision. "As you all know, we regularly review the rule every cosmic megaannum. While some species in the universe have evolved the ability to shapeshift naturally, they have also evolved with a strong sense of ethics and responsibility in regards to this ability. Well, in most cases, anyways… Yet whatever the case, it’s a natural part of their evolution, chosen by natural selection," the official said. "However, the number of shapeshifting species is very small, with only a handful in the universe. We cannot guarantee that universal use of this in the general public, who have not evolved with this ability, will use it in a responsible manner. The rule of committing to a chosen body and lifespan using Virtual Reality Remove Bodies which cannot shapeshift, must remain in place. This continues to be a unanimous agreement between the Universe Governmental Federation, the AGI Universe Controller, and all AGI Galaxy Controllers. We once again agree that the consequences of this technology being used freely would be catastrophic and spoil this good thing we have going."

The Universe Government Science Commission on Ethics. Dr. Caclinn Malambo (middle), with Jom Rodimson (left), and The Ancient Brn of Fungara (right).

The official went on to explain that the dangers of this technology include, but are not limited to, identity theft, unintended loss of individuality, and cosmic mass confusion.

This latest development has sparked widespread discussion about the role of government in regulating technology and the ethical considerations surrounding its release. Many are calling for greater transparency and public input in these decisions, while others believe that the government is acting in the best interest of the universe, informed by literally an infinity of history.

The Universe Government's stance on Virtual Reality Remote Body capacity to shapeshift remains firm, and it is unclear when or if this technology will ever be made available to the public in the next megaannum, or ever.

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